What is Nomadic?

As I work remotely in different American cities, Nomadic is the home for my writing. I’ll stay in some cities for a few days, some a few weeks. Some things that excite me about visiting new places: odd exploring, taking endless walks, atmospherics, local community spaces, the way travel alters your thinking, and talking to people. So those may be some of the topics I cover, but really, who knows? Like travel itself, I believe it will be best to approach this publication with a few ideas, while staying open to any possible detours I can take in the moment. It’s also just a reason to write more regularly.  

One thing I plan to cover is the literary culture in different places, including bookshops, local writers, independent presses, and when available, events. I will also be seeking guest posts from writers who actually live in the cities where I’m only a visitor.

Who is the nomad?

I’m Kristen Felicetti, a writer and the founding editor-in-chief of The Bushwick Review. My work has appeared in The Creative IndependentHobartThe Rumpus, and the anthology We Are the Baby-Sitters Club. I was a finalist for the Asian American Writers' Workshop's 2021 Margins Fellowship and I attended the inaugural Tin House YA Workshop in 2019. By day, I work as a support specialist for Substack, the company that provides the tech for this newsletter.

All photos are taken me as well (often on 35mm film), unless otherwise noted.

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A writer exploring all 50 states while working remotely. Special focus on literary culture in different American cities with guest posts from locals.


Kristen Felicetti

Writes some things. Travels a lot. Works on the support team at Substack. Was weirdly obsessed with Moby Dick one summer.